ANR 38 Moskovskaya
"Moskovskaya - 20 Jahre" CD
Verse I
You better don't smile
If they don't tell you so
Keep your breath a while
And I swear, if you let
The wrong word slip
Your cover will lose its line
It's always been foolish
To be so deceiving
And when they start noticing
It's possibly late for you

No more to say, so far away
But in the end it's worth to play
Don't try to hide, stand by my side
Cause no one will save you tonight

Verse II
On the long run
It's not a big surprise
That things doesn't work out well
You finally had to
Reveal yourself
The best thing you could do
For you
Verse I
I was a rebel when we began
And after the show I was the ladies' man
We all know that feels so well

Verse II
And the guitar in my hand
Is my really, really best friend
A warm tone that feels so well

It's been a long night
I am tired but it was a delight
And in my dreams I'll still sway
And no one's able to ever take it away

Verse III
Take a little time out
You know that's what it's all about
And when we laugh that feels so well

Verse IV
It's for the last time I swear that's hard
that I put on my worn out chucks
And believe me I know, it ain´t easy
Verse I
Sometimes I wonder, sometimes I wonder
whether I shouldn't just forget about the whole thing
when I think of your smile so innocent and tempting
I fall in love with you again and again

I'm going nowhere, I'll regret
I remeber the first time when we met
and in the pouring rain I said:
you are so beautiful

Verse II
I only have to shut my eyes softly
to feel your warm and tender words caress me
so many things here have been left unsaid
this unbearable silence is killing me

Verse III
If I had only the chance to say no
I ´d have left this place a long time ago
Sometimes I wonder Sometimes I wonder
whether I shouldn't just forget about the whole thing
Verse I
Why do we go where we don't belong
I don't know what's right or what's wrong
Why don't we grow where we're not at home
I imagine you feel alone

Verse II
Why don't you say the things that you miss
on the edge of your mind's abyss
Why do we seek where will not find
And speak of what we left behind

Every day I run in desperate hope
to finally find a place to be
All my memories totally blurred by dope
here and now it's only me

Verse III
Why don't we stay and spend some more time
this night is beauty and sublime
Why do we say that we are so strong
Sing, sing this lovely little song

A slight sensation comes all over me
from a dark spot in my mind
If you want to live in harmony
free yourself and don't be blind