ANR 25 F-Three
"With all our Love" EP
By the time you listen to this song your country is at war / children are dying with weapons in their hands without what they're fighting for / humans kill humans in a senseless war while politicians are at home they're counting the score / the small man fights and the small man dies while the big men are making money more more more

It's a sick sick world it's a sick sick world / I can't cope with it I can't cope with it
It's a sick sick world it's a sick sick world / the more I try to the less I comprehend

By the time you believe that you are free you are being controlled / not only by the cameras which watch every step you make but also by the media which subliminally influences you /
So none of your decisions is never really free / it's just what you are told to believe / I know it's really hard to get that in your head / when you are sitting in front of this brainwash machine
You're on a one way one way track / looking for answers and sometimes you forget / questions you were about to solve / the wrong direction is where it all goes / I am not a part of this machinery / this stupid race means nothing to me / quicker than light is what you wanna be / but you will stumble and fall believe me you will see

I don't need your competition / I am not a part of this machinery

Fast faster who is the best / you'll better be prepared or you'll fail the test
Fast faster who is the best / you'll better be prepared or you'll fail the test

You're living a lie / that's gonna take you nowhere / you're part of a race / that noone can win
There is a force from the underground coming up fast / and it's louder than everything else / that you've ever heard before and ever experienced / that you've ever heard before / this force doesn't care about no scene / because in the end we are all one / it doesn't matter if you're punk or hardcore what really counts is in your heart

The fun that we have is what makes us so strong / growing up but our hearts forever young

This song goes out to everyone / who still thinks that this is more than music / that content goes over fashion and politics still do count / who puts up shows without commercial background / and who still thinks that friendship is the strongest bond

The floor is shaking while we dance to the beat / never in our lives we have been so free / and who knows maybe we'll never be / together like this changing the world / at least for this very moment in our hearts / everything seems to be so clear / everything seems to make sense right now / this moment is perfect

We're only young once so we try to stay young as long as we can
I don't think that I can change the world / by writing this song / but maybe I can touch a soul / of just one person in this room / it would be more than I ever thought I could reach / it would be better than in all of my dreams

I am too much of a realist to think I can change the world / but I'm too much of a dreamer to not to think that it is worth / to try to make an impact to try to reach someone / and at least bring just one person in this room to sing along

And to make up their minds about the words we sing / maybe they'll find some truth in it

This band started with three friends just having fun / and we still have but today it's so much more / today we have a message in all those songs that we sing / and we hope to bring it along at least a little bit

With all love we can tear down every wall / with all our love we will stand together not fall / from our hearts we will send a unity call / from our hearts with all our love!