ANR 08 Mr. Burns
"Where is your Freedom ?" CD
oh no oh no i got no place to go
I try to to hide from you
but you arejust all around
when i walk down the street
you are in my dreams when i'm asleep
please get of my back
oh go go go go go go go go get out my way
i can't stand your stupid face
get off my back
you make me sick please go away
shut up shut up the stupid things
you say are so disgusting , crapy shit just go away
when i go out at night
you are always by my side
so please get off my back oh go go go go go go go go go go
you said to me never change a winning team but i can't comprehend the message you've send you said to me take care of what you say but i can't comprehend and i don't want to live that way this is the right time but the wrong place and i don't want to scream in your face when all your friends are gone when you are leaving home and when the sun goes down where is your freedom ? you walk through the fire what is your desire you said to me what you deserve is what you get but this is just a phrase and now i scream into your face you said to me take care of what you say but i can't comprehend and i don't wanna go your way this is the right time but the wrong words you are a hypocrite and that hurts
i' m stumbling backward by the search for something real cannot be filled by anyone this is how i feel, don't stand by me i only drag you down please understand me when i say i can't give you anything i step into a fog but the answer is so near, don't know what's right and what is wrong i'm antisocial in this case i can' t handle it i can't figure it out so please don't say that you love me because i don't wanna hear it, i don't pretend it anymore years went by and all the things remain the same love is just a word to me i'm tired of playing the same old game
tell me all about your goals getting rich or getting old tell me the meaning of love you can't deny that you don't know what's your fucking deal wih life getting rich and getting higk lay back my friend and think about your life come down my friend and see it's all a lie think about your life before you gettinghigk witk a lie ? tell me who do you really know nobody friends come and go you let themhear what they want to hear you can't deny that this is true what's your fucking deal with life getting rich before you die
alright there is a difference between you and uije between them and us and i know this is my destiny and i hope you know the details about what is right and what is wrong, about what is good or bad you kiiow this is your destiny so don't expect too much from me
get your head explode, go on act like you know don't believe all of their lies never walk in line with these guys cause they will never know what life has got to show they act like their parents do and their children will do always too i got a fist in my pocket, shake hands with the other one I bite my teeth and close my eyes they never do what they want