ANR 35 What We Feel
"Nashi 14 Slov" CD
To those, who believes us, we lie hypocritically
We successfully sell the memory of our killed friends
How many more reproaches of such kind will we hear in our address?
Mockery of what we feel and what we breath with
And you should write an article for foreign "fanzine"
About the "new order" so necessary for the our scene
And also tell about "tolerance" and "respect"
And once again predict us disgrace and humiliation

Our unity is not a myth, it is the movement to common purpose
But you should be honest with yourself for it
We hit in advance with this song
We`d better always walk alone than stay with indifferent crowd

But there are people, who became like brothers to us
Those, who helped us to go through the tough times
We will remember forever the faces of guys, who stood alongside with us
All we did together can`t be described with words
Only with faith in each other we struggle for the freedom
It makes us ready to go through fire and the water
Though it is hard to overcome humans hate and prejudices
With our music we express our beliefs
I have the right to choose
How I should act
I am able to think for myself
And I have my private life
I am fed up with advices, reproaches
Human "standards" and "stereotypes"
If I do not know what to do
I will ask my friends

I know your words by heart
It is no need to teach me anything
You`d better keep in your mind
Get the fuck out - you're nothing for me
Killing the man, you won`t prove anything
Killing the man, you won`t kill the idea
We will say our word again and again
But we will do it without animal habits
We will not shut our eyes
And pretend that it is OK
We will hit with knuckle-duster
For each your knife stab

When street lights just lit
The flock of neophrons attacked the pigeon
And as a bite of poisoned snake
The air was filled with injustice
Time passes by, offenses are forgiven
Wounds of any depth are treated
But how the soul flew up above the city
We would keep in our memory forever

We won`t forget...
The government's lie - police pigs pretending
Everyone is ready to sell his soul here
For the sake of money and saving
Own skin from the destruction
Everyday control of the ascendancy
Draws fake imagery of happiness
You canТt trust anybody here
Lie even those who seems like your friend
Lie even those who seems like your friend

I donТt wanna trust anybody
Except myself and the same as I am
The people living for the idea
Tor the truth and for the good

To watch TV is to waste your time
The ether's owner is who can pay more
All our life got the fraud
Politics walking with full money pockets
Cops killing guiltless people
And it s fearfully for our children future
You canТt trust anybody here
Lie even those who seems like your friend
Lie even those who seems like your friend
It is been a long time since people are cut off their breathing
Here the main law - the law of survival
Each movement is watched closely
For seditious thoughts one will be exterminated at once
It is not popular to tell the truth
You bury your freedom with your own hands
It's not popular to tell the truth
You bury your freedom with your own hands

But there is a place
Where freedom will never die
Where we are all side by side
Where no one can shut your mouth
The truth here always said
Without the fear in eyes
The truth is in the sounds of guitars
In our thoughts and words

To be free means to protest
Despite everything, we will not keep silence
No one can stop us
It's dangerous but awesome to live nowadays
You are devoured by social networks
You forgot how to live beyond the monitor
Come on, name me as you want to name me
But it will only increase your disgrace

Keyboard got tired from your gibberish
Throw mud at us from internet
Are you frightened to say it to my face?
That means you are coward and deceitful nonentity

Your residence is global network
Your word suits only for forums
Increasing your rates in the users eyes?
Doing nothing, you condemn others
You are the shame of the humanity
Self-constituted masters of destinies!
It is so kill somebody at the street
And again victims are innocent people!

Love and respect
Tolerance, equality and brotherhood
Regardless of skin colour
And your wealth

Haven't you heard the shouts
The moans of lost people without any hope?
Demonstrating the rude power again
Killing the living, as it has been before
Two chessmen close with the fight
Who are strong ascendancy but weak in their soul
Using people instead of the pawn
Bringing million deaths into this world

There's no winners, there's no losers
But this war won't end with a peace
It's so hard not to show the power
Much easily to count people's tombs

8 pseudo-governors of the world
Afraid to say their powerful word
To finish the fight for the planet
To be done with the world, and not in other way
They will never hear us
The ambition laze burns all alive
People as argued, who is the most stronger
As they will argue about it for ages
Hey, listen, who muddled your brain, fellow, with this rubbish
Who made you live according someone`s infected programme?
Who defiled the white list of your life?
Why did you start to name yourself "racist"?
You`d better read books and have less booze
And now, lit up, you are ready for a silly crime
It is so easy to set people on each other
But much harder to leave a vicious circle

Old rubbish of diseased systems
No racism - no problems
Old rubbish of diseased systems
No racism - no problems

Years before there were muggers and just stupid pieces of beef
They thoughtlessly punched the mugs, getting completely drunk from the morning
And nowdays as it became fashionable to be a racist
The polics was put to use, but fairly - these are the same mugs
Time goes by, only stupid people who lives here
Always find stupid troubles and problems to decide
Just forget about racial gibberish
And you will have plenty of time for other things
Look, what is happening, friend
Look around, there is no one there
But I am sure, I won`t lie
I am sure, that I always can say to you
That I am not such a shit as they are
And days of my life won`t pass in vain

On our concerts we have good time together
Forget about problems during this time
Think, there are many who hate us
Because we are not of their "kind"
But you and me are always ready
To strike back at attack

We're sometimes anti-social
But we're always antifascist
Вместе, плечом к плечу
Если никто не отступит
Мы выиграем эту войну
В нашем любимом городе
Нам нет дороги назад
Нормальные пацаны
Сами за себя постоят

Все, те, кто нам мешает
Кто хочет украсть нашу культуру
Вашей диктатуры
На наших концертах не будет

Мы бъёмся каждый день
На наших жестоких улицах
Враг нас ждет везде
В подземке и переходах
Everyday you're staring in the eyes of horror
The bridges are burnt, they won't believe the tears of innocence
You can't retreat and if you stumble, it's the end of you
Brittle ice of reality, there's only darkness and cold beneath
A puddle of blood, road to heaven has just become narrower
Nobody cares what's inside you, show what's on the surface
Tighten the belt, they are dragging you down to the depths
They will suck your blood dry and throw you away
It's a place where the "Russian march"
Became the synonym for a crowd of fascist idiots
The cops let the terrorists take your kids hostage
Pray furiously, but better just stay home
You went to get some groceries and got shot by a psycho with a badge
Living by the law is a fairytale, like a peaceful atom
Member of the DEA ODs on the confiscated drugs
And another kid is tortured in the boot camp
To help the ministry of defense keep up with the quote

Stay true to yourself and to what you do
In the world full of Chaos, stay put and be fearless
The only chance is to hold ones ground
What we feel makes the heartbeats accelerate
Stay true to yourself and to what you do
In the world full of Chaos, stay put and be fearless
The only chance is to hold ones ground
Moscow Death Brigade makes the heartbeats accelerate

Work for the big brother eagerly then pour down Vodka till you vomit
Sit on your ass, watch TV and stupid videos on YouTube, washing it down with beer
It's not you problem, what the mob wars and inter-ethnic fighting
Have done to your country
From the zinc-lined coffins of Afghanistan to Nord Ost and Beslan
First Chechen campaign followed by the second, it's not a surprise
But they can explain every failure right from the screen of your TV
Oh, and your murderers also say Hi to your mom
Prison Cells, and bloody pulp in your throat
Some struggle for power, others are fine as long as the cheap Vodka keeps coming
Everything has a market price: friends, family, principles and your country
Puppets are running amok, puppet master has a new plan
Critics, politicians and other disgusting mugs on the News Channel
Neo-Nazis and pedophiles, every specie is here
But it's not the Noah's Ark, it's Babylon, son

Rap superstars and corporate record labels, I spit on it
We take off DIY from a filthy basement and land in every Ghetto-blaster
We use guerrilla tactics to promote the scene
The cops gonna close down the gig, but they can't stop the movement
Two steps forward, one step back, mutual respect
This scene was built with blood and sweat
While you were complaining about being broke, we organized DIY tours
Got into brawls and riots, supporting our team, spent nights in police stations
Screw your tales about bitches, drugs, crews and other crap
Is that the Rap game?
Well, then we're not playing
This is not entertainment, go to the nightclub
I never did drugs, never pushed and will never do either
Raising the movement with our friends and comrades
Nazi whores moan about patriotism
While they are nothing but a shame for our people and country
Stand against political bullshit and racism of any color
The chaos is spreading, but we're ready, come get some
The trained dog on the short lead
Put in the kennel, in the local police station
The dog is barking and growling, pushing out the fume
The slobber foaming, he seems like cool

What makes us apart with him - grey shape?
Or the scab, with who all are obedient?
About obedient is arguable but something makes apart
Seems like we are people and he barks like a dog
The chain has fallen apart on his neck
And this dog felt the powerful domination
He doesnt eat from the common bowl
With the word justice he hasn't even known
What was he thinking about while he was giving a oath
About the medals for the valor and courage?
In the mirrors of blue-white 10th LADA car
The main offender is in the mask of guard form

Hey dog fuck your police badge

We gave him 30 bucks from each
This damn dog let us go with pleasure
If to give him 300 bucks
He would rather to filful the orders
The precepts from the up like a call for the action
Bring the stick, the dog and return again
Instead of protection of our cops
The police station chief has shoot people in Tzarizino district
The BIG King's car is going in the yards
Guys, collect the tribute i'll send it
We don't need to be catched
But these assholes will find something to fault
Doing conclusions - no conclusions
There are 2 variants - pig and acab
And each of them plays his role in society
And what there's a law - know some only
You shut up, when they march in
We can hear them, not you
Don't watch them murder
Don't obey their idiocy

Looking away, you dig your own grave
Now you won't recognize, but it also concerns you
Fascists never give up till you start to resist
Attack and scream out loud

Good Night - Facist scum

Is fascism the norm?
Did you forget, why million people died?
Don't play down the thread, don't say there's no problem
Don't fall for this shit

Good Night - Facist scum
Good Night - White Pride!
Cпокойной ночи - белая гордость!