ANR 22 Purgen
"Reinkarnatia" LP/CD
Your life sneaks bleakly away from you
Career and finances don't matter to you
Money, middle class, you become part of this quagmire long time ago
And you only find human warmth in the brothel
With a pimp car on the oncoming lane
The world is in your delusion
Human beings and nature are governed by you
No song on your lips and no friend to call your own
Pride and honor are not subject to the financial world

With a mohawk you'll have friends again for sure
Drink your life tough like organic yogurt, don't be cheap to yourself

What do you think about hot washing your soul?
Crash your car into a tree, shake your brain
Dance naked on the office desk
Get high on ganja like a student
Consume a bike and cruising around
Or join a table tennis match that is played with fervor
Meet the right woman, find you love
Spend your money on her, purify your blood

Australopithecus come
Spread here and there
Are omnivore and scheming
They will meet with success

When there only were ten
They were assailable
Being hunted by Sabertooth and other predators
In the dark

But then they turned into hundreds
Their tribes covered up every niche
When the mob passed thousand
Africe became to small for them

They crossed rivers
Passed continents
The climate changed their appearance
Everywhere the supreme predators proliferated

Ten turned into hundreds
Hundreds mutated to thousands
Thousands became millions

Animals, land and fire
Were enslaved by them
At the end, they found peace
In a set up palace

Only do humans not get enough
The heads have never got tired
Of searching for more information
That bears progress

Inventing the electric bulb
Distillating fuel from oil
Equipping their carriage with motors
Splitting the atom

Where does this all is supposed to take us?
Will everything bloom or die in the end?
The technical headway will eat up civilization
Or the progress will be defeated by the rational mind
The easeful life bothers you
Your soul has no air to breathe
You allow your weaknesses to rule
To scrunch and to devour you

In your veins plashes alcohol
The best, your hero, your model
Growing up in an unknown place

In deine Adern pl├Ątschert Alkohol
Dein Favorit, dein Held, deine Ikone
Wachst auf an einem unbekanntem Ort
Your head reliably spins

You choose a drinking buddy above your home
You have already become known all over the place
You choose this dull, intoxicant death

Sex, drug, alcohol
You, you, you, you, it's your turn, you hero
Alcohol, drugs, sex,
The death fucks with you, my boy.

Your hormones have became alive again
They needed a valve
Your desire heats up every day
Sex and porn shape your shadow

Your icon - female breast
Without porn you won't even rest
Your start to stimulate yourself
To load and to burst

On the date you don't hear music
You only stare at her in a salacious way
To get laid is the only plan-


Your body to over you soul
You are filled with the omnipresent emptiness
Vapors of a chemical world
Are the dark angels of your dreams

Your body wither from day to day
You cannot even see your own shadow
Now hiding from your friends
Shriveling in you opium cave

On the streets, in the bus, at the subway
You only care about one thing
To take from where, to pay with what
Your own death as fast as possible
We're cruising around in the streets of Moscow
Late at night we hit the gas pedal
At that time there are no noisy traffic jams
No uproar of busy passersby
That the time when you can race
Shouting out of the window - yeah
The city is like our parents' home
In the morning, the big business wave comes

Moscow City - giant mechanism
Moscow City - train driver of the world
Moscow City - come on, come on, go faster
Moscow City - global economic player
Moscow City - european New York
Moscow City - place of capital turnover
Moscow City - you're surely good at it, too
Moscow City - no one figures this city

I still remember how I got on the train when I was a child
Soaking urban paradise for a few hours
Past era's beautiful buldings
Monasteries, construction zones with giant calderas
Factories, power stations, ancient cathedral
Massive boom crane above the first skyscraper
Past, no one gets any Elysium anymore
An ant-hill full to the brim
I get into my car
Start the engine
Black wires mark a profile
A five liter engine - no joke
The right car of a street racer dream
The tires fume and the dry grass
The turbo exhaust pipe spits fire, sparks spray
I start from zero to 100 within a few seconds
I always choose the most dangerous path

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the car has a lot of power, shines
Step on it, step on it, step on it, with jarring wheels I shoot off
I will never take my foot from the pedal
Going 205 km/h, my brain works
The city becomes a tunnel
100% rocks my mad motor

That's the way I go through life, un-damped
Thousands colorful worlds are passing me by
Development, progress, the basis of all fundaments
Dark bass tear up the speakers
Fixing it becomes pretty difficult
Spare parts change to the fast lane
The maelstrom keeps sucking me
My supersonic flight only speeds up
Allosaurus sneaks through tropical coppice
It is looking for a dinosaur, it devoured him
It is a primitive mechanism
Cool reptile, mad predator
Watching sunsets and comets
It recapitulate its victory
sundew and quicksilver pearls
light up the dark like volcanic sparks

But very often it sees a nightmare
Expensive cars on mowed lawn
Downtown office, the computer keeps quiet
Rays of sunshine through the sunblind

Night, shades, moonlight
No soul moves
Allosaurus entrenches itself
The predator lurks
In his head one program
Primitive circuit
Reflex movements
Implementation of all planes

But very often it sees a nightmare
With a Jeep-King-King his turns into the yard
He gets a killer from beneath his seat
With evil snoot he smashes culture

Set of teeth like excavator shovel
Starts like a crazy Porsche
Get the prey, tears it apart
Howls loud at the moon

Why are there all-wheel-drive-systems
Overleaped centuries
primeval children
The soul looks for a body
In which it wants to be born
It knows exactly what it is up to
In what way one survives
Remembering previous lifes
And it knows what the next will bring
It is one with the net of thoughts
Joined by a spiritual atmosphere

Don't get upset with what you became
That you couldn't choose your parents
That you weren't lucky with hobbies
That way you have predestined for yourself

The soul knows exactly the wounds
That you cause her in the past
There is an intention for all that
So that you will learn something this time
Conscience and an inner voice
Then it prospers
Shelter for bad luck
It teaches you sometimes a lesson

The soul and the body
Is the only mechanism
That with support of thoughts and actions
You won't forfeit
When you listen to the signals
And then decodes them right
You will reach everything, you will understand it all
Driven by the vital inner fire
Robots work on earth
In the sunlight and underground
Cyber-mechanics have a long-lasting life
But time and climate attack the steal

Robots, robots - heaven, heaven
Cyber paradise come on!
Digital astrals super land

During the lifetime of the cyber-machine
Weaving data into a spiederweb
They program themselves, save the knowledge
In electronic magnetic levels of consciousness

After the last movement
It frees itself, it radiates as a wave
All information, the entire memory
To the energetic field, robot dom
In your city, it is always raining
In front of your window, it is always raining
In your head, it is always raining
Why is it always rain? Why?
All your plans lose their intentions
All wishes are nipped in the bud of pessimism
Pessimism chokes all desire at once
Your friend can barely convince you
When without joy, then it's your own choice

Pessimism chokes your consciousness
Pessimism eschews creativity
Pessimism denies persistingly

In your town everything is alway bad
In front of your window the sky turns all grey
Again, a rainfall hit your head
Why rain again, why again?
Nothing appeals to you - dark dom of your hands
Sadness flows like a live conductor
You are rejected because you're a nasty pessimist
You don't see the beauty of living, you're withering

Look at it from a different perspective
Turn your world upside down, change your mood
Locate the positive side and turn 180 degrees
You're a moronic teenager
just like those with only parties on their mind
Your parent don't love you back
Always making an effort to pamper the child

Knock out your parents, punch them, punch

You, egoist, fatuitous misfit
Soaking out the eldery that yours
Claiming all your fahter's wage
Letting your mom to cook your meal every day


You benefit from other peoples' pity
That your way, with a clean smile
Baring your teeth whly meditating
Du ziehst ab durchs Mitleid
"You both should croak!"

However, the boy doesn't anticipate
That no one, except the eldery, give a shit about him