ANR 21 Distemper
Every damned night I trot off,
No idea where I will crash
And beer after wine that will just always be mine
Cuz wine after beer doesn't kick in as good.

I hang out, party hard
At clubs, with my guys, there where booze is at
I fuddle, I really get rat-arsed,
And every time I wake up,
I feel pretty fucked.

In my pockets a packet of cigarettes and a twenty buck,
Another new pepper spay ballon.
Yeah, every damned night I trot off,
No idea where I will crash, where I'll have fun
Another day, I don't like to wake up.
I know today will be the same jot trot as everyday.
There is no prosper romantics.
Daily boredom is crying at your face.

Rarely there is a smile in the crowds.
It banishes drabness for a short while.
But rednecks change this with stupid
faces to the norm.
And when I buy myself a gun,
Get my fire arm certificate,
Then personal problems will take their way,
And societal opinion will be the target.

They'll regret their wry looks,
What big talks reveal,
Cuz when their pusses meet the dirt,
I'll take care of their re-education

The gansters and the wackos from the ghettos
Will come to know
That the truth is part of their gang
Only due to rigidity

And when I buy myself a gun,
World peace is going to spread.
Yeah when I by myself a gun,
Faces will turn into Smiles.
Drugs are over.
The music is worn old.
Only sleeplessness
bears hard.
Boozing parties are out.
The people are boring me.
I only want to live in freedom
to see the spring.

Desire for fashion.
One year after it's outdated.
All the trendy stuff
will be vanished.

I'm tired of tears.
The lust bores me.
I don't like threats
and any shadowed force.
I have no power
to change anything.
I'm tired of laughing.
I'm not able to feel any love.
Look at all these pusses!
What have got into?
No single smile, it's our turn
Crass grimace


Snort, I wanna hear your laugh to bang
Grin that's annoying everyone

Humor isn't appropriate here
That are completely other tones,
The punkrock fun doesn't fit
In this region

Get togehter in a crowd,
To get amused by abuse.
Responsible for all horror are
People with such pusses.
kicked the bench full of innocence,
I rip of a leg of a chair,
Smashing all the vitrines.
I might frighten all the people to death.
In the shop next over
I push the saleslady against the pay desk,
so she suffocates at her powder.
I bowl down a tram,
bend some lanterns.
Might the police catch me,
I don't care about it.
Today is my birthday,
but I don't can invite someone.
You know, I don't give a damn about bad tv-news
I don't care about the whole bullshit, anymore.
I'm just too tired for it.
And whom should I owe an answer?
All I had to say have I already forgotten.

I wanna get out of here
Somewhere, where it is worth.
I wanna get away, far far away from here.

Tell me why we are here, what has happened?
At such a ugly place where there is no warmth, no light.
Why should I lie to you?
From now on, there will be no place for us.
That has been the way it was and how it will remain.
And I struggle.
The night is howling
In the dark behind the window,
The moon bops up and down, just like an orange.
He throws my shadow on the wall,
insisting, that he owns the night.
I've got no anger against the nigt.
I truely know whose the night of.
Whispering through the cigarettes smoke:
"This is our night."

I don't care about tomorrows benefits
I don't care about how the night overcomes the rain.
I surely know that you will forgive me.
Therefore that your not mine anymore.
At that time
I took a look at the moon more than once.
I remember at a night long ago,
The moonlight is gone.
Unfortunately, at that time
I did not understood so many things.
Woke up early in the morning
Looked out of the window what was going on.
Summer at the zenith,
What a blast - the best time

Cozy warmth and the sun hits me in the face
For what more can you ask?
Day off - we relax.

I call my friend,
Take you with me, it's going be cool.
Summer at the zenith,
The best time, what more do we want?
You only know to be
relaxed and rich.
An outcry reaches no attention.

You have money like a lord
But it is gone instantly.
You thought it never runs out.

Smoking two cigarettes
you're mumbling.
Avoiding answers to unpleasant questions.

There is nothing left,
beside this emptiness.
But the cynic is
this dream is over.

Every wishes and desire
you had as a child,
you bought in shops
without any doubts

You bought this dream,
secondary, insensibly.
Emptiness remains for you.

I'm living with my dream.
Untill I'm dying , he is unreached.

Because my dream may never
bought with money.
And so long my dream is alive,
I will live, too.
Execrablely much hate.
Just think about it!
Nobody is looking for friends, but always for enemies.
There will always be an antagonist to find.
I often bristle with anger myself,
But one thought doesn't let me rest:


And what if he is not like you?
That's still not a reason to fight.
You might not be like me,
But is this a reason to hate each other?

You and me, me and you
Agony for what? - There are enough prisons.
Brainwahing, lies, bias
Which take on every concrete wall.
i don't need the stars in the sky.
i don't need any foreign tears of bitterness and sin.
i would like a quiet life and true love.
i don't want dangerous words on the asphalt, in the mirror or in the puddles.
for one moment i reached the stars. undoubtedly i understood it all without words.
in the world there may be good and evil.
so far we were lucky to be able to choose.
because it all depends on you.
again and again you are bothered by doubts and all those temptations.
decide for yourself which seems closer to you otherwise, dirt, war and revenge will corrode us.

in the mirrors of my hope everything stays as it is.
in the mirrors of my hope everything stays as it is.

sometimes it seems to me that we are afraid of anything new.
the soul is troubled by doubts because only an insignificant small thing can alter our fate.
who knows how to get back those unspoiled days.
but sometimes one must fight the own thoughts.
everyone understands something different by the meaning of freedom.
no point in hoping things would stay the way they used to be because with each step we move on.
i distinguish between truth and lies.
but not with you. the times change.
one can even buy stars cheaply.
life is of full of surprises but the good and the evil show double in the mirror.
what comes also goes. you win and lose.
i am glad even if i don't like it all but i still have something up my sleeve.
have a laugh and hope for the best that`s the most important thing in life.
those mood-killers will come and visit you so don't forget to shut your door.