ANR 14 Ska Punk United
I dont believe in love
I dont believe in weather forecast
I dont wait for phone calls at nights
Enjoying a striptease of mistakes of the nature
Every day i am ready to injection of happiness

Life as a vile pie from the magic pastry
By the teaspoon i tried to taste from different parties
it is difficult to find a place for you in this world
So it is easy to choke with a piece of old pie
If you don't want to accept it we'll hide it from your eyes
hide from your eyes
"sh!!!" Shut up kid! Things are clear
and chocolate dense
Don't play their game, don't get nervous
Shut up kid! Things are clear
and chocolate dense
Don't be afraid, everything grow's in your head
Life's short, too short
Never on your knees
Shut up kid ! Don't turn on the light
On the toes - spare time
Feel one's way along - The years which pass
Live fast
When it comes to me and my brigade
We'll sneak through the back door
If we need to
We have only good intentions
All life is to be in mood,
Not in pleasure even at sunday
Being in bad moods
There is no power inside me to overcome doubts
Being in bad moods - white light is not lovely for me
When somebody spoils my mood - it`s a crime
All the day i walk down the streets simply in silence
That I deduce from suffer I want to tell you now.

From the breakfast at morning I tried to finish my sleeping mood
And turn my head for good day
Then I decided to turn on the receiver
Lost in thought, I was too lasy to find my favourite tapes
So - on the air grunted "Spice girls"
"Shinshillaz", "Strelki" and "Blestiashie" all that pop scum.
All this shit fucked me up long time ago
All the day, all the day, all the day!
With the gloomy face I blamed myself,
Well, why I turned on the receiver?
If you will not get in touch with shit - it will not stink
Slightly making me feel better
That my140 Watt and favorite armchair are waiting for me in the evening
Loud and kind punkrock, many-sided hardcore and certainly not growing good-old ska.

When i got rid of all cargo of day time cares
I felt sick on sitting place in the taxi
Perhaps radio in a taxi for you comfort
But for me it is not less than violence
Perhaps someone will tell: "Suum cuique"
I will answer everyone, that I do not argue
But it means, that you big to mountain.

Somebody got crazy about videogames,
And spending all days playing at PC
Somebody just drinks beer everyday and watches football
And saying everybody that he likes most of all "ZSKA"
I dont care about them, and again
I am waiting to get back to my flat
Where loud and kind punkrock,
Many-sided hardcore and certainly not growing good-old ska rules.

notes: "ZSKA" - moscow football team
"Shinshillaz", "Strelki" and "Blestiashie" - disgusting russian female pop bands.
On the quiet he arrives at Rimini
on the beach Tramber eyes look for bikinis He's got class under his kimono it smells like ganja and monoi at the bottom of his tacchinis
On the Rox his "Sirop Nimo" it's too coooooold for him it spoils the taste of his Panini
The chicks get crazy and are falling like dominoes when young dandy looks like mancini
It's hothot guy when hunny passes in front and titillates him below the belt
She makes a fuss, she puts her half cup bra forward with the result that his bollocks are falling at the floor
Nibbling of staw, wink, half smile rolling gait like oulaoup
I don't know but she doesn't play I guess she wants to make a tour of carousel.
Tramber original character who believes "he's a great one for chatting up the girls" but this one and -we can say all the girls- doesn't care about him
So much guys speak more than they act...animal's men factory