ANR 10 Distemper
"Ska Punk Moscow" Pic-LP, CD
the city is up till dawn , pleasure-seeking masses crowding the streets. a summer day passed and there was just a hint of it left the night dripped into the swollen eyes, swollen from dust. we leave the day by day routine in its place and make sure it will be enough for all. everything shall be as it was yesterday or even better. i don't know where it could be even better. every day should be a special day. come on, give me my daily chance and i will jump the opportunity. even the weather is on our side. the city on the seven hills is on its way till the morning has broken. my life is like an active volcano. i don`t give a shit as i am very happy the morning crowd lowers the mood of the hallucinating people. there's nothing you can do when the city awakens ready for work. everybody looks the same, like brothers or twins, waiting for the weekend. in this city there are so many corners where you can hide from the crowds of idiots. but today, i don't want to hide so i hit the streets.
on jamaica, there are soccer fields. these soccer fields are a particular piece of countryside these soccer fields are covered with grass. this grass is evergreen and especially heady. 11.000 square kilometers teased by the sun and cleansed by the wind. from dawn till dusk there is only one question. where do we get a football and two packets of papirossen. on jamaica the birds spend the winter, they fly around the world in summer. i don't like the snow, let's go! just like the birds, borderless. but as long as money rules, it`s a long way to those birds. five years in the high north digging for oil. five years on a rusty cutter catching fish. it was worth the effort, even though it was so freezing cold. i knew it will all work out the way i wanted it to. my pockets are now stuffed with money. the caribbean sand is burning under my soles. i don't have any more worries and i don't think of the past. i saw islands also in the laptic sea, unfortunately not covered with this grass. but life goes on and someday i will stand where i started from, because my money will come to an end. unfortunately nothing solves itself. i like jamaica so much. but i must go back home again to earn money.
i don't need the stars in the sky. i don't need any foreign tears of bitterness and sin. i would like a quiet life and true love. i don't want dangerous words on the asphalt, in the mirror or in the puddles. for one moment i reached the stars. undoubtedly i understood it all without words. in the world there may be good and evil. so far we were lucky to be able to choose. because it all depends on you. again and again you are bothered by doubts and all those temptations. decide for yourself which seems closer to you otherwise, dirt, war and revenge will corrode us. in the mirrors of my hope everything stays as it is. in the mirrors of my hope everything stays as it is. sometimes it seems to me that we are afraid of anything new. the soul is troubled by doubts because only an insignificant small thing can alter our fate. who knows how to get back those unspoiled days. but sometimes one must fight the own thoughts. everyone understands something different by the meaning of freedom. no point in hoping things would stay the way they used to be because with each step we move on. i distinguish between truth and lies. but not with you. the times change. one can even buy stars cheaply. life is of full of surprises but the good and the evil show double in the mirror. what comes also goes. you win and lose. i am glad even if i don't like it all but i still have something up my sleeve. have a laugh and hope for the best that`s the most important thing in life. those mood-killers will come and visit you so don't forget to shut your door.
i am drinking and driving again with my old scooter. to the river with a girl. early in the morning, to lie in the sun, to hear ska and to enjoy cold beer. all is so wonderful, to good to be true. all is so wonderful, don`t be so stingy with your money. don`t try to prove a point just take it easy, throw your problems over board. even at night i have fun till i drop, blja. i don`t disturb anybody. everyone can live the way they want it`s easily done, without care all is so wonderful, to good to be true all is so wonderful, don't be so stingy with your money.
i couldn`t tell the difference between day and night, spring and summer, hot and cold. the cards were laid and the lines of fate were erased. i wanted my fair share of the action while in my best years. at that stage i didn't know how fast my youth would be gone and suddenly i`m getting ready for my own funeral why must one solve problems with knife? don't repeat the mistakes of others. don't trust the smiles beside you. don`t try to understand how the others got ripped off don`t try to find out what it is like to fire a gun it all begins so harmless and demure. everybody is happy as if there is nothing to share. but sooner or later the bottles of "stolichnaja." are drained. and the people suddenly become enemies. is it worthwhile to storm a tank without any cover for yourself? what use is a dead hero for whom the people are grateful? the ringleaders never get sent to prison. anyway, you are not going to succeed in feeding all beneficiaries of war.
the quarter seems deserted, the day has gone by why are we not together? the summer is going to be over soon. it is night again and the shining stars are laughing at me. for three months i could not talk frankly to you. i love you and i want you to know. i have to let it out why? what's the problem? our meeting was planned for 5 o'clock, it was then i wanted to tell you. i already knew what to say. but yesterday at the football match i was screaming and shouting till i lost my voice. up to now. it is so painful. now i don't have any more desire to meet you. i set out to a party in order to hang out with my friends. i loved you and wanted you to know but i am not going to change my way of life because of you. i couldn`t wait any longer and now i will somehow get along without you.
hey, who gave you those ideas? who forced you to live after such a nasty ideology? who stained your white vest? why do you call yourself a racist? you should have read more books instead of getting drunk now you`re ready for anything, even crime how easy it can be to become fascinated by this idea. but just as hard to get away from it. an ideology from the past. no racism - no problems. an ideology from the past. no racism - no problems. in the past you used to call them thugs or hooligans when they got drunk and started beating people up. today it's fashionable to be racist. those guys are now even involved in politics. in times like these the simple people have enough worries and problems. forget those racist theories because there are far more important topics to be solved.
let the people talk about us what they want. we are like the sewage - not suitable to drink. no filters, bridges or barrages will help. we`re advancing and clearing our way. we run through ditches, the countryside and cities, getting us mixed up with oil, wine and gas. as immorally as we might look, but we are more free than the water. don't lie around at a reception, don't drink vodka at sunrise, remember the summer, stand up for what you do! who set up those all those rules on our planet? these rules, these rules on frozen meat balls, on tickets, in the newspaper and in this new booklet. they are using a hammer at school or university to get those rules into the kids` sveta and petja heads but nothing is impossible. be careful - we can do what we want. we fell from the sky and didn`t shatter. again and again we cleared our way through the earth and didn't listen to any promises. in this wild world we sucked up all the freedom. we explode like rivers when they hit the sea. whoever wants to can turn the wheel of history. the world is now mine. don`t look at svetas tits, don`t park next to the mosque, don`t stick out from the masses, at the beginning only petting! don't eat your lunch on the toilet, don't sleep, not in the ballet nor in the opera! always wear a clean shirt, never carry a rose bouquet in a plastic bag nor any others. maybe some people in this world are forced to stick to these rules. but nothing is impossible. be careful - we can do what we want.
an odd incident occurred. a student lost her id card. at dawn she took a box of "kent"cigarettes from her bag and her id card fell out unnoticed. how is she going to prove where she lives. any drunken cop can jail her now. this is not a joke, the tshekist thinks, because it matters to check whether she`s a prostitute or a terrorist. if you are drunk or in a mess a fateful mix-up can easily occur. citizen, keep hold of your id card! one long year came to an end. the student was sitting with friends in a bar and was drinking absinth. others used her lost id card and started up a company selling faberge-eggs to burma. in the morning a tax search squad forced entry to her apartment. it was like a nightmare, the student got arrested. they demanded the tax for last year and five million for the pension scheme. it then took a long time to convince the authorities. her life fell apart, and she was also disgraced. she didn`t take in the situation when she was drunk and dropped herself right in the shit.
life has so many varieties on offer that can impress. there is not just shit but there are also many beautiful things. after a year everything sad is forgotten, but the beautiful dreams become true. i had a dream in which the whole world had fallen in love, in which all borders vanished, that there were more happy faces, the cities forgot about their problems, the systems were abolished, even the air became cleaner and there was no more crime. the blacks and the whites, the cowards and the courageous suddenly comprehended that it is stupid to risk their lives. they stopped to fight each other and began to celebrate. we would like this dream to become reality. we will do all there is to do so that the world will change. how many words must be spoken till hundreds of cities stop to be so angry and sick towards their citizens so the life of the people will become better. so that the people on this planet sing a song of love and the bloodshed has an end. so that music will play and unite the people, so that no country will think of war any more and all people can live their lives and have fun together the world communicates with help of many languages. the dreams of all people speak only one language.
allow me to look into your eyes give me one of your smiles everything is o.k., that is what i want to say to you i love you as i always did moscow, moscow reggae, on the streets i dance with you moscow, moscow reggae, everything is o.k., just sing the whole day allow me to look into your eyes let's laugh together everything is o.k., that is what i want to say to you this city is completely yours. moscow, moscow reggae, i dance with you in the streets moscow, moscow reggae, everything is o.k., just sing the whole day