ANR 05 Distemper
"Доброе утро" LP
One shiny spring day you'll understand
That today the snow is going up
And snowdrifts become in price.
As in dream you'll understand
That it's the time to take a spade
And buy big freezers,
And in a hurry run to dig in garden.

And then on sale market place
You'll give the praise for snow,
And everyone will fight for it,
Of course, and stupid tourists.
You'll earn big money in one moment,
And you will buy everything you want,
If only instead of sell the splendid puppets
You'll push big snowmen for them.
Only yesterday you left the schooling canteen,
And you went in fashionable restaurant,
Happy fucking life had fallen on your sick head,
Nether work and no learning you could touch,
Crazy dollars jumped in to your fucking pocket,
Spit on all your talents.

Only what have done, will never be returned,
Our destiny can be for us so cruel,
Time passed and only one you have in pocket,
In the light of dream, of pills and pain,
In your stall on fucking sale market place,
Recollect your schooling days.
I'm flying, In fog like freakish bird,
Silently I can't see faces here,
I know, smog can't be so always,
I know you fly to meet me.

May be we run slap in flying,
May be we return to the ground together
For the present one thing I know,
Dearly is freedom and speedy high wind.

I desire to hear songs from children,
I desire to live in peace and freedom,
I desire to be the sun bright and happy,
I desire to fly and dream in sky land.

I know smog can't be always,
I know you fly to meet me,
I know run slap in flying,
After it return to the ground together.
See I in some magic Kino, in old magnetic Kino,
How light is coming on gold dust beaches,
But it's a pity, I can't remember,
And rainy noonday can't help me prompting.

I'm sure that there could be countries,
With golden beaches and seas of laughing,
In nightmoon flying I dream to travel,
To visit countries and magic beaches.

I'm on the beach, on the splendid sunny beach
But I broke all the cages and run for flying,
I'm on the beach but my instincts in the cage,
I'm gulping all my pills in faster running.

And crazy disco and duty chemist's,
And poor films and foolish dreams,
And sleep in cages and live in fear,
We all on planet are doomed to dearth.
Hi, good morning
And sun begin to smile,
And clouds jump and vanish,
And sky is jumping gladly,
And life for us is happy.

All the same
It could be nasty weather
It could be nasty season,
All the same
I think this sky is joyful,
All the same
I think the life is happy.

Hi, good morning
And friends are glade to meet me, and celebration will be,
And weather is so fine, and people are so smiled.
From the head to foot are swamped with petrol,
Radiate the smells of excrement,
Their fucking brigade tries to plough on tractors,
Soon will come the evening after working day.

All they fight for living, but cars begin to fail,
All they fight for living, and starve can't be on planet.

Crumb away to pieces their tractors,
Engrossing the shelves of our shops,
Work like animals in little cages,
And be bored stiff to dearth without wages.
It's a story about one dry fish,
Which has terrible life,
And now lies on rag in pub.
Vobla had a dream to be a golden fish,
But time come for foolish dreamer,
Become the dish in corrupt pub.

Life for her was not so easy,
Live for food and eat for fat,
And in dreams be strong and healthy,
And in dreams becomes athlete

The life for us is like one bigger pond,
You see so many foolish lunks on earth,
And all your life you try to live in peace,
And in the end you'll see the ass of life.

Live in dream between two bottles,
And to die a violent dearth,
And regret that someone fucked you,
Only once and no more can.
I had the happy childhood, I was the happiest man in the world,
I live I live in time when on earth, there is a junction of millenium.

But years ran through very speedy, and soon will come the magic moment,
And every person on the planet, live in the fear of this moment.

And suddenly the jump was made, but on the planet nothing changed,
I understand that half my life, I lived in dream, in vain hope.

The same fools I see around, and many people was deceived,
And only splendid winter dreams was break to pieces by this moment.
In the excellent condition, but with face a little sluggish
I'm scratching myself tender, say goodbye to my love blanket.

In the shady, funny alley our throng is talking loud,
There is no place for quarrel; only double up with laughter.

All that happens in the country make me feel a little nervous,
I'm sure that this evening SKA concert enjoys us too much.

But before we want some beer, we will take few dozens bottles,
And, of course, we want some grasses; we'll be potted up on party.

On the clock is near seven all my friends are talking loud,
We are sure that this evening SKA concert enjoys us too much.

Today is happiest day in life; today is SKA concert,
Today we'll dance until midnight together with my friends.
And nobody can disturb stagediving and the slam,
Today is happiest day in life, today is SKA concert.
You can't choose the place of living, the color of your skin,
Your mammy and your daddy, the time of your life.

Choice is your profession, your husband or your wife,
Blow away your problems, in time of your life.

Party is the place of dancing, jumping, smiling in the night,
You have choice to fight or laughing in the club until midnight,
Take the beer and mod glasses you will have the lovely day,
But don't try to fight on party you will shame and get away.

Someone likes the motor cycles; someone likes to skate,
Nothing wrong I can see, wrong in skate.

You have choice in crazy actions, choice not be dead drunk,
Spare yourself on party, Distemper may be come.
Once I'd heard in jungle forest, song about your dream,
And in one high magic moment our sadness went away.

Like in tender fairy tale fly in fear midnight storm,
Tears pine away in scare in impression by this song.

Kindness and understanding we may take from magic song,
All the wishes are fulfilling people smile after song.

If you want to live in heaven and to catch your lucky bird,
In the troubles and in fear sing together magic song.