ANR 03 Hausvabot
"Falsch !" EP
Hitler Sucks
Haider Sucks
Stoiber Sucks
U.S.A. Suck

Same old shit just another day

Pope Sucks
Judges Suck
Pigs Suck
Everything Sucks
Not long ago I watched TV
And what I saw, that I couldn't understand
Politicians saying it cannot go on like this
But everything they say is fake and this is not by mistake!
The small stupid people, it does not disturb itselve to it
They keep on listening industriously and continue to fall in blind illusion
The politicians keep on making speeches, they will never stop
They just get richer by that and nobody takes notice of that.

You will nearly only meet people which are blinder than blind
Who really think that everything is working out fine
Politicians are pleased, cause they won
When do we start to notice that we are the next to loose.

If fascists become even more, marching down our streets more frequently
Then it becomes clearly, that something here must change
The people start to riot, it threatens to escalate
The men in power imagine: we must react
They start to think about what to do
How simply to bring the people again to rest
Just organize fast a demonstration and also be even thereby
Two or three sentences for the people and forgotten is the reason.
Call me and tell me your problem
Express yourself, cause I do understand
If you got hard times then I always will be there
That will always be, as well as it always was.

But please do me a favour, just simply shout your mouth
Being so depressive, there is no reason for it
Outside there are humans having always harder times than you
Only because you are unfortunate, you nevertheless have no problem

Call me and don't tell me your problem
Shut up, I don't wanna understand you
If you got hard times then I won't be there anymore
Cause it will be as always, as well as it always was
Each night I lay down and I want to go sleep
But I can't afford, got fear of what I'll see
I lay down a while, abhorring this scene
What will happen to me soon, so I keep awake

I see wreckage and dead ones, a senseless war
And they fight like machines for the senseless success
The winner is the death and he looked forward to it
So many corpses without work. Then I finally wake up.

I lie sweating in bed, don't get rid of this thought
That unfortunately that's truth, the only difference at all
That we get much more involved by the things which we dream
Cause we're ignoring this whole shit in reality.

I see the rich of this world, a fight for influence and power
Beside lies a suffering man, who can afford nothing at all
I see parties mixing up with Rights only for reputation
I see the whole world in the war, but I fortunately wake up
Good day, Mrs. Mustermann
Always straining to extent
You are brilliant and competent
And also having much talent
Your promotion would be at time
And the salary increase is not that far
So, you nearly reached your aim
There is not that much to do anymore

Would not be this small detail
Spread your legs and down you lie
That's tradition in this company
So don't make a fuss
Cause you already knew.

Come on, Mrs. Mustermann
Don't make a fuss
As in your application three years ago
Same procedure every year
That?s your way to be a girl
And to know it just for sure
Now you are really close
To be equal with the man
I 'm standing here in front of your grave
There is not a nice thing about you to say
I have never really liked you
And I know I'm not alone with that thought
You have well selected your time to die
Yes, I really have been lucky this time
Cause after this wake
I'll get your best stuff

I still do need - a washing machine
And a toaster and the clock
And also the new vacuum cleaner
Cheers, on your last resort

You aren't cold for that long time
Yet, I'm already at your house
Here, it is almost like paradise
I only take the most beautiful things out
You have also much, which I that I don't need
But I don't care about that
I'll carry them home
Until the next flea market sellout.