ANR 33 Television Knockout
"Thrills from the Tube" CD
neonlicht und glasfassade
erleuchten den konsumkomplex
mit dem sternburg bis zur kasse
nicht weit entfernt von deinem glück

walking drinking anymore bleeding
redemption of your emptiness
don't wanna stay don't wanna be nobody

kleingeld in verschwitzten händen
und der hunger wird zur last
unbegrenzte möglichkeiten
betäubung oder tiefkühlkost
bitter old man - locked yourself up again
bitter old man - can not be a friend

i don't want to see like you
short night again - my alarm clock just fucks me
i miss the train - to late to work - they fuck me
so i can tell i long for her
she and i and wine oh yeah
but she stands on the floor angry with a strap on

she stands on the floor angry with a strap on
stockings would have been fine
but she had a strap on
you don't know honey what you doin' to me

a look at my mailbox - abstract numbers
were spit on me from soulless fuckers
back on the streets i become blind
to many cool people but i don't mind
because i know i long for her
she and i and wine oh yeah
but she stands on the floor angry with a strap on
child's heart beatin' fast
under the christmas tree
lies a brand new G36
everybody's fine and ready to rock
peace and love brings this year heckler & koch

corrupt regimes will come and go
they won't give a fuck about me and you
made-up gods to create a passion of hate
the means to an end delivers germany
i'm now back in school
i lift my hand up babe
i stare at the empty sheet of paper in front of me
i look out the window
all seems wide and free
the leafs of the trees are moving by the wind
i can them feel

but when you're gone i'm back in school
what means monday, tuesday,
wednesday, thursday, friday,
saturday, sunday if you're dead

let it grow for the show
prostitute your lovely soul
get in touch with the clockwork
get a job - sell yourself
take a pill kill - yourself
don't try to rule if you hate yourself
make fun , question, bury all the things me surround
punkrock, blackstar, old car's that made me sound
i don't know what I want but I know how to get it
i wanna destroy the passer by

and i guess it's o.k. that i'm just a cliche
'cause sometimes it feels good, it feels real
the complete supervision did not come overnight
step by step til '84 what is wrong what is right

apathetical living beings sit quietly in a cube
slowly true becomes fiction
get their thrills from the tube

state control for absolut security

shopping malls for satisfaction
politicians - marionettes of globalized economy
get the choice of your addiction