ANR 13 Fistful
"...aah what the fuck" CD

In God we trust, ey?
But we live and we lust
We fight and we hate
We feel life won't wait
We scream out loud
'Cause we cant be young and proud
You can't understand?
We make a stand!

Hey, You call me a punk, ey?!
But call me a drunk?
You're so eager to judge who's wrong
You call me a whore
'Cause my lips are red and sore
That's why I can't look up to you any more'

It ain't all in our clothes,
It ain't all in our hair
Our heart's made from gold,
And that's heavy to bare!
The streets are all sick
Cause you've sugared too thick!
But We've made our choice:
We've raised our voice!

So whatever you call: I'm still me, I'm still me
And whenever you call I'm still me, I'm still me
Lift me up, throw me down
This whole world's tumblin down
I'm still me, you're not you
I'm much braver than you

Throw me out, spit on me,
Call the police to get rid of me!

Sold out cause I was dying from you
I was sick and tired of you
Was sick and tired of us two
There was nothing left for us to do

Hung on cause you would save my soul
Hung on cause you would play your role
Tellin me now that you can't stay?
Oh what the fuck I don't give a damned anyway!

-Oh you got me too High!
-You got me too low
-You worked to fast!
-You worked too slow!
-You were too much for me, you were too much for me!
-Well, you weren't enough for me!

Sold out cause I was in to deep
Was loosing weight, I was loosing sleep
Had my eyes open but couldn't see
My tounge was dry, I couldn't speak!

I look pretty, you're a man
They think it's all they need to understand
I'm a woman, you're a boy

I'm half beaten, you're a gun
Still it must be you who gott'n me done
I'm malested, you got no home

You're used to crap, I'm full of that
But that's because I've got a world on my back,
I can't take the weight of you too

But I am oh so pretty

Sad to say, must be on me way,
put him on the train but you're gonna stay,
You're pathetic, I'm a wimp

But I'm still pretty

I'm trampled on, you're beaten up
I kicked your ass, You called me slut!
You could say that we're done

Two peas in a pie make a pie of a pea
we're the same kind, you're just like me!
We're just too late,
We're just too late,
We're just too late!

But I am oh so pretty

( She's a starlet, I'm plain trash,
but that's ok, nothing wrong with that,
I've got a nice trashbin.)

She said: aren't you tired of being just another who wont care?
You live your life so easy, so easy, so easy, but is it fair?

She said: You won't see me in the eyes, you look, you look away!
Are you really that selfish?! Or are you a just a bit ashamed?

Ref: In our factory men are turned from mice
Come on, come, on, come on, come on, come once, come twice!
In our factory we can make a man out of you, but can we count with you?

She said: So you bought your shoes cheap from Siam,and that's were you got your girl,
but are you sure you paid them both enough for what they're worth?

I ain't sorry to disturb your lollipop existance,
you will only pay your dept to society by making resistance

Poor little Sophie's left alone in the hood
Once she had a doll but dolly drowned in blood
Now Sophie's cryin but no one's there to hear
She's left alone with all her fear, with all her fear

Ref:War and poverty wherever you see
the masters of war has forgotten how to feel
With power and money comes luxuriaties

Miss sweet sixteen Gabi was princess of her class,
but war came, with soldiers who liked her ass.
They took her one by one laughing in shameful theft,
Now miss sweet sixteen Gabi got no innocence left...

War and perverty wherever you see
the masters of war has forgotten how to feel
with power and money comes luxuriaties;
when they lose the game it ain't them who bleed

I ask you mister Hotshot, what will be your next move?
When you've killed all terrorists then Oh my God, what will you do?
When you've taken all the drugs they got, their furs and their gold
And run all over innocent into a pretty fold

Maybe you'll crown yourself Jesus!
Maybe you'll draw on a holy crusade!
But I can tell you right now mr President;
I won't fight in your brigade, I won't fight in your brigade!

I try to explan, but I don't know my own brain
I'm afraid of water but'd like to be naked in rain
People are dyin while I'm still so vane
Who've made your t-shirt? Maby I'm just insane

I'm tired and hungry, five hours since I ate
People are starving, I don't even loose weight
Women get raped, while I eat seadless grapes
And I can never be "true" cause I got punked up too late!

Lookin so trendy in your H&M skirt,
Do you know what people went through to GET TO make your shirt??
I dont wanna talk to you, pretend you don't see me
I might be selfoccupied, but you're plain dirt!

Ref:People are tryin too little too hard
A pretty happy chic lifestyle might get you an award
People in greed don't see people in need
And for us misfits? Aaaah why dont you just kill me??

I'm confused and disordered, I'm a bondage of fear
I'm not happy, I'm not rich, I'm in love but still a bitch
I got wellfare problems but I give them a fight
I'm not Luther King or Ghandi, but I'll fight for rights!

Misery and diseases that you've never seen
If I close my eyes, they wont come to me
Oh, what the heck I'm feeling generous today,
I'll send them ten bucks and the problem will be out of my way!


I dont know what in the world I should do
Whatever I do some one's tellin me I'm not true
I'm just bein my selfs and me
Thats all I could ever be
And if I disturb your pretty world, you know, you could always kill me

You're an addict
I'm a pill,
one word from me
makes your heart be still
I've got power,
You're a slave
I'll make the worst
of your everyday

The nights they darken
You're shakin like a leaf
Fright'n deserted
with eyes that bleed
I'm the horse whip
You're my ride
I'm pure poison
destroying your life

I've fallen behind
one step at the time
so many dreams
so little time
Got few ambitions
and got addiction
but I'd shape up,
I know I'll do
If I just could find a reason to

Nights they darken
I'm shakin like a leaf
scared and lonesome
with eyes that bleed
frightened, frightened
come hold my hand
I've got a soul in search
can no one understand

Knew a young man just seventeen
With his whole life in front of him
His only joy was the guitar,
the docs said he might loose one arm
Was that too much for him?
'D life been too rough for him?
Had something died inside of him?
Left in him was just enough hope to
Jump from a tree wearing a necktie of rope

I ask; what kind of society are we really?
The kids are all loosing their minds, loosing their minds, loosing their minds
And if you ask ME what the FUCK we're wining for,
I have to ask YOU: have you bothered to
put your noose out through the door,

The other day, talkin to a friend, have you heard the latest news?
-No? A boy from our old school is dead, just one year younger then me and you,
Another man, aged just nineteen, with his whole life in front of him
Nowhere to belong? Something went wrong?
Cause left in him was just enough hope to
find himself a necktie of rope.

I don't wanna tell you what's already told
All words for love all seem so used and so old
We're no fairy tale, we don't know what's next,
Love's just one word, we'll know the rest

I don't want no roses, chocolate give us zits,
You're a half good gentleman, I'm a no good miss.
We're broke, your breath smells like alkohol,
we're starving, my breath smells like smoke!

Ref:I feel secure, don't know what for,
Maybe cause I've got your arms around me
I feel so warm, so safe from harm,
Maybe cause I've got your arms around me

We're not all bad, we're not all good
So many, many things we wish, we wish we would
But we are young and we are selfish and we're poor
It would be so unpolite to ask for more

Cliché but you've touched were no one's been before
One taste of me and I've got you beggin for more
We've got our problems but I'll bet we'll get through
Cause at least I'm growin addicted to you!

We won't listen and we won't be told
We're not that strong and we're not that old
But when I was cold you came and turned the heat
I'm on fire, fire, fire, feel the heat!

I feel secure, don't know what for,
Maybe cause I've got your arms around me
I feel so warm, so safe from harm,
Maybe cause I've got your arms around me
I feel brand new like mornin dew
Baby, when I've got your arms around me
I'm just for you, I'm just for you
And baby I've got your arms around me