on jamaica, there are soccer fields. these soccer fields are a particular piece of countryside these soccer fields are covered with grass. this grass is evergreen and especially heady. 11.000 square kilometers teased by the sun and cleansed by the wind. from dawn till dusk there is only one question. where do we get a football and two packets of papirossen. on jamaica the birds spend the winter, they fly around the world in summer. i don't like the snow, let's go! just like the birds, borderless. but as long as money rules, it`s a long way to those birds. five years in the high north digging for oil. five years on a rusty cutter catching fish. it was worth the effort, even though it was so freezing cold. i knew it will all work out the way i wanted it to. my pockets are now stuffed with money. the caribbean sand is burning under my soles. i don't have any more worries and i don't think of the past. i saw islands also in the laptic sea, unfortunately not covered with this grass. but life goes on and someday i will stand where i started from, because my money will come to an end. unfortunately nothing solves itself. i like jamaica so much. but i must go back home again to earn money.
i don't need the stars in the sky. i don't need any foreign tears of bitterness and sin. i would like a quiet life and true love. i don't want dangerous words on the asphalt, in the mirror or in the puddles. for one moment i reached the stars. undoubtedly i understood it all without words. in the world there may be good and evil. so far we were lucky to be able to choose. because it all depends on you. again and again you are bothered by doubts and all those temptations. decide for yourself which seems closer to you otherwise, dirt, war and revenge will corrode us. in the mirrors of my hope everything stays as it is. in the mirrors of my hope everything stays as it is. sometimes it seems to me that we are afraid of anything new. the soul is troubled by doubts because only an insignificant small thing can alter our fate. who knows how to get back those unspoiled days. but sometimes one must fight the own thoughts. everyone understands something different by the meaning of freedom. no point in hoping things would stay the way they used to be because with each step we move on. i distinguish between truth and lies. but not with you. the times change. one can even buy stars cheaply. life is of full of surprises but the good and the evil show double in the mirror. what comes also goes. you win and lose. i am glad even if i don't like it all but i still have something up my sleeve. have a laugh and hope for the best that`s the most important thing in life. those mood-killers will come and visit you so don't forget to shut your door.